Customer Support

We provide our customers with two ways to report issues they may encounter with our applications:

Click here to report an issue electronically


Call the helpdesk directly at 207.856.5454



Professional Services

When you choose an automation solution from Insurance Automation Group, you receive a variety of services with your software license maintenance and support plan. But we also offer a range of professional services to support your entire firm’s technology infrastructure and operations. Click here to learn more about our Professional Services.




How to Request Enhancements

Insurance Automation Group would like your input on how to enhance our solutions. Here’s how to request an enhancement:

If your organization does not already have an account to the Insurance Automation Group’s Help Desk, you can request a login ID here.Once a login ID has been established, enhancement requests can be made by visiting the help desk. Click on the button “Create->Ticket” option. Enter your company information, your enhancement request in the text section, selecting iAutoMate-Erlon_Enhancements as your department option and include an attachment if required.

To submit the enhancement, click on the Add/Edit Ticket at the bottom of the page. Your enhancement requests will be reviewed and prioritized by the Steering Committee Members.