Professional Services to Extend the Value of Your Technology Investment

When you choose an automation solution from Insurance Automation Group, you receive a variety of services with your software license maintenance and support plan. But we also offer a host of professional services to help you with your entire firm’s technology infrastructure and operations.

Flexible hosting solutions for your critical business data and applications

Our continuum of hosting and management capabilities brings you a global, scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure – whether you choose our fully managed hosting solution, or you manage your applications hosted in Insurance Automation Group’s Data Center. We monitor and manage your hosting solution continuously to maintain predictable application performance. We support your business continuity requirements by helping to restore the networking and application infrastructure quickly if something unexpected happens. We protect your data from intrusion and failure by multi-layered security, redundancy, and rapid response recovery.

• 24/7 System availability

• Problem and change management

• Update monitoring and management

• Redundancy testing during specified operational maintenance windows on regular basis

• Real time environment performance management solution ensures that the system remains highly available through redundant servers, networks, power supplies, and facilities.

A fully integrated application and networking infrastructure to handle your simplest to most demanding requirements.

Are you getting the full value of your current applications and databases? Does your software do what you need and what you were promised when you bought it? Are the chores involved in managing your applications and databases draining your internal resources?

We can coordinate all phases of even the most complex projects and handle architectural design, development and configuration as well as implementation, integration, hosting, management and maintenance.

Design Services: Our team of experts knows how to build and configure applications, databases, and technology to drive the right results for your business.

Development Services: Insurance Automation Group has developed applications and databases for both small and very large organizations since 1994. Our experts know how to understand the requirements outlined by our customers and then develop the applications and databases that meet and exceed the requirements. We know which tools are best suited in addressing security, performance, functionality, flexibility, growth, and reliability.

Integration Services: Has your IT infrastructure grown into an unrecognizable maze of software products? Do you need to consolidate your applications into an integrated platform? Are your legacy systems holding you back? We work as an extension of your team to make the most of your existing business systems and applications. Our integration solutions use service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the latest web services technology to help ensure that your systems are highly scalable, flexible and adaptable to your future business requirements.

Delivery and management of network-based services, applications, and equipment.

Use our equipment or yours – we support and manage components remotely. Your solution will operate flawlessly when you need it.

Focus your IT staff on business innovation rather than maintenance. We monitor your IT environment around the clock, proactively detect problems, and resolve them before they cause downtime for your business.

We can fully manage equipment and networks, and provide employee help desk support so that your IT staff can focus on business innovation.

Get up to speed with professional training.

We offer a variety of courses to help you get the most from your automation solution investment, including introductory courses and customized private classes.

Onsite Private and Customized Training: Private classes customized to address specific needs of your organization. Our experienced trainers can adapt the standard curriculum delivery and focus on the topics that are outlined prior to your training session. Delve deeper into topics of concern, minimize time away from the job, and open up the lines of communication through solution-oriented discussions.

Online Web Based Training: Our experienced trainers will host online sessions so your employees can participate from the office or home.

Retain valuable information stored in legacy data sources and other systems.

We have developed a number of tools that help us extract, map, and load information from a number of sources into our solution databases. Our experienced team can help you:

• Identify the appropriate data sources for your cost containment/cost recovery efforts

• Extract the data

• Map the data source to the correct use in the iAutomate software application or other source

• Load the data into the appropriate source